Evan Ostapiuk has brought outstanding leadership, excellent writing capabilities, and strong computer skills to his many academic and professional endeavors. Currently an Accounting and Finance Intern with Best Doctors, Inc., in Boston, Mr. Ostapiuk helps the company achieve its goals of assisting members, employers, and physicians with the health care selection process. Prior to joining Best Doctors, he completed a financial analyst internship with EMC Corporation, a global leader in cloud computing and information technology for businesses and service providers. At EMC, Even Ostapiuk closed more than $200,000 in open purchase orders and undertook various administrative tasks such as creating a database for financial reports, monitoring the company’s inventory, and assisting with purchase requisition approval. With a commitment to professional growth and learning, Mr. Ostapiuk enhanced his internship by attending financial seminars and taking classes on computer-related topics.

Evan Ostapiuk attended Bentley University in Waltham, Massachusetts, where he majored in Economics and Finance and minored in Law. As a student, he made the dean’s list and graduated with a 3.21 GPA in his major. Mr. Ostapiuk also worked at Housing Management, LLC, as a Project Leader while studying at Bentley. In this role, he oversaw groups and materials and improved the efficiency of the teams he managed.

Prior to attending Bentley University, Evan Ostapiuk graduated from Farmington High School, where he participated in varsity crew and football. He also wrote an essay that was published in a national collection.

Today, Evan Ostapiuk resides in Brookline, Massachusetts, where he plays football in his spare time. He also enjoys writing, investing, and exercising.


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